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Photoshop Lessons and Photography Classes

Three minute Video: Welcome to Imageinations

A short overview of what you can learn.


Take Control Of Your Camera

Basic Photography Classes


"Thanks so much for your class.  It was so great.  There is hardly a day that goes by that I don't use my camera.  I gained so much from the class and try to apply it to my picture taking." J.H.

"I need more practice always but just wanted you to know how much more I'm enjoying my camera by being able to control what it does.  Manual mode helps me know where I am and no guess work.   Just wanted to thank you so much for everything and giving me a direction with hope"...Cheryl G.

"I've wanted to get into photography all my life and with your photography class, camera instruction, Photoshop lessons and your willingness to continue answering endless questions my goals are becoming a reality!"...Amber M.

"Thank-you for giving me the basic building blocks of photography, upon which I've been able to launch a professional career"...Eric Williams

"I've read half a dozen books and this is the first time it made sense to me." Michael M.

If you love to take photographs but want more control and quality, classes are now available. Improve your understanding from the click of the shutter to the final print. The course meets one day a week, two hours each session, for four weeks. Classes are always small, usually three or four students, and times can be arranged that work with the schedules of all concerned. At least one hour of the final class will be used to photograph a live fashion model in the studio with lighting you can easily duplicate at home. Analyzing and discussing work of Mr. Baker as well as many of the great photographers of the past will be part of each session. Students are encouraged to bring in their own work for critique. You will learn about using your camera as a creative tool. You will learn the basics of shutter speed, aperture (f-stops), depth of field, white balance, menus, focus areas, exposure and meter readings, flash, filters, and more.. You'll learn the basics of working with available and natural light and using the flash. Includes a book of class notes. $150 (plus tax) for four week (8 hours) class. Tuition also includes one additional hour of private individual time. Click here to access a printable Registration Form or click here to register ON LINE or click on "BUY NOW" below to pay your $20 deposit and ensure you place in the next class. I will E-mail you with directions and get any further information from you. (Use your browser's Back arrow to return to this page)


Classes normally meet Monday evenings from 7:00 PM- 9:00 PM. Since classes are always small, alternate times or days can sometimes be arranged.

The next class will start Monday, May 1, 2017 with the last class on May 22. The next class after that will start Monday, June 5.

Click below to pay your $20 deposit for registration in the next class.




Basic and Advanced Photoshop

Private and semi-private lessons lead you painlessly through

Photoshop Elements 11 and 12

Photoshop CS6 and CC

WHAT YOU GET: 1 free hour of introduction and orientation. 4 each 1.5 to 2 hours lessons, 1 book of extensive notes and full color illustrations.


My book contains over 20 pages and covers such topics as: File Management, The Work Area, Image Adjustments, Area Selection, Repairs and Corrections, Special effects, Type and fonts, and advanced techniques. Includes a CD of examples used in the book. Make your wildest vision a realty. If you just want to create a family album or aim for advanced graphic effects, I will smooth out the learning curve for you and send you off comfortable and confident in your ability to use this greatest of all image manipulation software. Lessons are set up at the convenience of the student(s) and are available weekdays, evenings, and weekends. Lessons run 1.5 to 2 hours.

For the most comprehensive reference manual I recommend the Missing Manual series, available on Amazon. CLICK HERE for a link to Photoshop Elements 12 Missing Manual.

$30/hour or $150/6 hours Through June 2013: the first lesson is FREE! (when you purchase the 6 hour package)

Basic Lighting

Private or semi-private one time seminar

My new Lighting Book contains over 20 pages of simple to read diagrams and full color examples. The basic lighting concepts for photographers (and even artists) are laid out in clear step by step definitions. exampleThis two hour seminar can be set up at your convenience days, nights or weekends. The examples can be applied to any light source that you are working with: strobes, constant lighting, dedicated flash heads, natural light, and even sunlight. For one or two students (add 50% for second person)

$75 if you bring your own model; $125 includes a model for 2 hours; figure models available (inquire regarding pricing)

You can purchase the book only.

or Click here to download PDF for only $5.00