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October, 2012

Welcome to my share page. Each month I'll try to bring you an enlightening thought, quote or tip. Questions or feedback is always welcome at: roger@imageinations.com



Occasionally you may get the message "Not enough RAM to complete this function." What to do? You can easily remove some of the junk from your RAM by using this simple step. Go to you EDIT drop down menu. In any CS go to PURGE, or in Elements go to CLEAR. This gives your the option of emptying the UNDO, CLIPBOARD, HISTORY, or ALL. Try starting with the top one. If that's not enough move on.


Keep in mind that you will loose these states of what you were working on. If you have followed my previous suggestion of keeping each new state on a separate layer this will be no problem.




I always enjoyed art history because, growing up in California, my exposure was limited, and it was a new Herb Ritz\experience. To learn the history of art opened up certain things to me, made me see. It intrigued me. Herb Ritts

I think a lot of the time these days people are so concerned about having the right camera and the right film and the right lenses and all the special effects that go along with it, even the computer, that they're missing the key element. Herb Ritts

Regardless of whether you speak the language or are familiar with a culture, the picture should hold up. Herb Ritts

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The journey into the world of photography is one of steps, not time. You take a new step every time you pay attention with talking and viewing your image. You can take 100 steps in a day, a month, or a year. Or never take a step by never paying attention to what you are doing.

You can add steps to your journey by working with Photoshop, going to photography exhibits, looking at photography books and videos, watching photography tips on You Tube, etc. This is a case where "getting there" isn't half the fun, it's all the fun. And there is always some new, exotic place to head for.

For information on studio or home lighting consider my book on lighting, signing up for the seminar, or checking on-line tutorials.

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